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Dining in the Dark

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Dining in the Dark is a challenge to our tasteful feelings. Eating in full darkness will intensify our sense of taste. Without seeing the food, only with flavour and taste we get to know the food newly again.

What is the taste of potato, if you do not see it?

And how does the cucumber taste in the darkness?

Eye sight is the strongest of the senses that dominate the taste, smell and hearing. That is why getting to the full darkness will intensify the rest of the senses.

Dining in the dark allows you to get to know the essence of the food again. So the usual dinner process is completely transformed. Even everyday products can get a new and unexpected taste.

"There is no truer love, than love for food."
/George Bernard Shaw/

How does it happen?

Arriving at the Dining in the Dark, You will be welcomed by a professional waiter who uses special night vision glasses to take care about guests in the darkness.

Arriving starts 30 min. before the event starts, to get informed about the procedure.

The menu is not known before dinner, because it is the only posiblility to preserve the original emotions of food tasting in total darkness.

In the dining room guests will be accompanied by a waiter guiding everybody till the place at the table.

Dining in the dark can be a private event with friends or colleagues and can be booked individually.

We offer two course menu from main course and desert. You can add a glass of wine or any other alcoholic or soft drink, which is available in the restaurant.


35€ / pers., 70€ / 2 pers.
Main course

39€ / pers., 78€ / 2 pers.
Main course
Glass  of wine


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